IWIL Alert – May 2023

  • Forest Bathing for Attorney Well-Being
    By Brooke Mellen, Founder of Cultured Forest


Brooke Mellen founded Cultured Forest to share her passion for art and the outdoors. She advises individuals and corporations on connecting with nature for well-being and to promote biodiversity. Her background is in Risk Management, having worked at Sotheby’s, Marsh and W.R. Berkley, and she specializes in Art Business with a Masters in Visual Arts Administration from NYU. She is certified in Forest Medicine by the International Society of Nature and Forest Medicine (INFOM).


Research confirms that spending time mindfully connecting with nature leads to marked improvement in physiological and mental health.  Japan has long-developed a public health program called “Shinrin-Yoku” (“Forest Bathing” or “Taking in the Forest Atmosphere”) to respond to the crisis of worker burnout in densely populated cities. In Forest Bathing for Attorney Well-Being, Brooke Mellen (founder of Cultured Forest) explains what Forest Bathing is, how it benefits physiological and mental health, and provides a practical goal-setting guide to connect with nature.

  • Embodied Lawyering: How Somatic Practice Can Transform Our Beliefs, Behaviors, and Impact
    By Lindsey Frischer (she/they), somatic coach and lawyer


Lindsey Frischer (she/they) is a lawyer and somatic coach working at the intersection of somatics and legal justice to help transform the legal profession to become embodied advocates in service of a more caring, equitable, and just legal system. Lindsey is a partner at Murmur Collaborative, delivering somatic coaching, consulting, and facilitation across the legal industry to support the well-being of legal professionals, and runs her own coaching and consulting practice offering somatic coaching for lawyers and change agents. Lindsey also practices as a pro bono attorney with Oasis Legal Services and the Immigration Justice Campaign representing the international LGTBQ+ community seeking asylum. She was a former corporate litigator at a Wall Street law firm in NY, representing high-profile government investigations of global financial institutions during the height of the financial crisis. 

Lindsey is a committee member and organizer at Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ) Bay Area, where she also co-facilitates regular restorative justice circles. They serve as Secretary on the Board of Directors for Bay Area Green Tours. Lindsey loves playing recreational sports, practicing Aikido, and adventuring in nature with their rambunctious pup and pals.


The common working conditions of legal professionals – heavy caseloads, exposure to trauma, lack of time to process issues or give/get support, lack of autonomy, lack of respect – generate excessive pressure, stress, and overwhelm on our bodies.  In Embodied Lawyering: How Somatic Practice Can Transform Our Beliefs, Behaviors, and Impact, Lindsey Frischer, somatic coach and lawyer, explains how somatic practice (body awareness) generates greater awareness, agency, and accountability to better care for ourselves and others; enhances alignment with our values, vision, and purpose; and helps transform the role of legal advocates to encourage a healing, equitable and just legal system.