IWIL Alert – October 2023

  • The Autumn Book List
    Amy L. Kurlansky, Esq., Reference Law Librarian



With the change of seasons and return to school that fall brings, for many it is a time for reevaluation and reset. With that in mind, we offer a thoughtfully curated selection of books to help you on your wellness or well-being journey, courtesy of Amy L. Kurlansky, reference law-librarian and attorney. Enjoy IWIL’s Autumn Book List!

Amy L. Kurlansky, has served as the Reference Librarian at the Hamilton County Law Library since March 2018.

Prior to joining the Law Library, Ms. Kurlansky, worked as an Attorney at Pro Seniors, Inc., as a GAL for abused children in the foster care system, and as a Child Support Administrative Hearing Officer.

As a Staff Attorney for Pro Seniors, Inc., Ms. Kurlansky presented on the topics of Medicaid and Elder Abuse to community groups, social workers, and other attorneys. Ms. Kurlansky also collaborated on the 2014 OSBA Elder Law Handbook chapters on Medicaid and Elder Abuse.

Ms. Kurlansky belongs to the Ohio State Bar Association and the Cincinnati Bar Association. Ms. Kurlansky is a graduate of the CBA CALL (Cincinnati Academy of Leadership for Lawyers) Program. She serves as an appointed member of the CBA Admissions Committee, and as the Chair of the CBA Health and Well Being Committee. She also participates in the Legal Research & Information Resources Committee, the VOICE committee, Lawyers Connecting Beyond the Law, and is a former chair of CBA Elder Law Committee. Ms. Kurlansky is a member of the American Association of Law Librarians, the Ohio Regional Association of Law Librarians, and served as the immediate past chair of the Ohio Regional Association of Law Librarians County Law Library Special Interest Group. Ms. Kurlansky serves on the IWIL Catalyst committee.

  • Beginner’s Mind: A Game Changer for Stress, Advising Clients, and Decision-Making
    Spencer Sherman, MBA, CFP, Founding CEO Abacus, Financial Advisor


When the demands of work exceed our inner resources, our minds can become swamped and we lose our equanimity. An overcrowded mind has little room for new ideas or perspectives. We make tens of thousands of decisions every day – it’s not only stressful but an overcrowded mind can lead to unwise decisions. In Beginner’s Mind: A Game Changer for Stress, Advising Clients and Decision-Making, Spencer Sherman MBA CFP, financial advisor, and creator of the mindful advisor training, explains how we can move to a spacious Beginner’s Mind. With practice, we, as advisors, can make less stressful and wiser decisions, guiding our clients to do the same.

Spencer Sherman is the founding CEO of Abacus Wealth, an independent firm that manages over $3 billion in assets. He is the creator of the Dharma of Money and The Mindful Advisor programs, and the author of The Cure for Money Madness. He believes that his decades of financial AND meditation experience have enabled him to help people move from anxiety, impulsivity, and avoidance to clarity, wisdom, and engagement. He is dedicated to helping everyone cultivate an enough mindset and a more spacious relationship with money.  He is a Certified Search Inside Yourself Mindfulness Teacher (sourced at Google), a Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction teacher, and a regular guest teacher at Spirit Rock Meditation Center. Spencer Sherman earned his MBA from The Wharton School. Click here for more information on Spencer.