Track 1B
Finding Joy in Modern-Day Law Practice
Duration: 60 Minutes

Do we know what joy is, and are we attorneys who are genuinely glad to be doing what we are doing? The principles we will explore in this workshop are evidence based principles on heart and brain health from medical research by several of the premier wellness advocates in practice today. The research we use is a fusion neuroscience, mindfulness, positive psychology, and psychoneuroimmunology with a big dose of therapeutic humor and peacebuilding—a fusion of ideas we lump together in a concept called “humor for peace.” This is an unconventional trust building model that allows lawyers to take a look at how they are applying their anger management and conflict management skills in their law practice and how to incorporate a little more humor, forgiveness, and compassion in their daily routines. This program is designed to enable attorneys to become more empathic and mindful in every aspect of their dealings with the courts, opposing counsel and their clients. It is a program designed to empower lawyers to more joyfully connect with one another with authenticity, integrity and humor, in order to build trust in the system they co-create through their interactions with colleagues and the public.

Our workshop workbook gives simple “maxims” which are easy to remember but can be very powerful tools because they are quick and memorable ways to recognize a role, a trap, or a situation that might compromise our values and endanger our wellbeing.

Are you ready to join us for some thought-provoking fun?

Learning Objectives

  • Lawyers will be able to see the roles they may have willingly or unwittingly taken on in law practice and become empowered to make courageous choices to accept, reject, or delegate those roles.
  • Take control of their law practice by embracing a vision of what their “legacy in law” or “laugh will and testament” can look like if they align their values to their vision. In the words of a lawyer we know: “To become the kind of lawyers our mothers say we are!”
  • To build up resilience, pick up health and relationship tips to genuinely embrace a culture of cheer in the workplace.
  • Learn how to not just be civil, but friendly, in order to develop empathy and camaraderie with one another.