Path To Well Being In LawTim Carroll and Margaret Odgen

In Episode 6, Bree and Chris begin an important trek around states taking notable leading roles in the wellness movement based on their work, innovation and programming.   Catapulted by the leadership of original National Task Force on Lawyer-Well Being member Chief Justice Donald W. Lemons and his colleague Justice William C. Mims, the Commonwealth of Virginia has quickly found itself in the category as “trailblazers” after its creation the Virginia Lawyers’ Wellness Initiative. Virginia’s commitment to well-being was ignited by the release of the ground-breaking report “A Professional at Risk” in September 2018.

To discuss advancements in Virginia, Bree and Chris welcomed two dynamic leaders to the podcast working on the front lines of the well-being movement in the Commonwealth.  Margaret Odgen serves as the Wellness Coodinator in the Office of the Executive Secretary of the Supreme Court of Virginia, where she’s tasked with improving the mental health and wellbeing of Virginians in the legal profession through education, regulation and outreach.  Joining Margaret was Tim Carroll, executive director of Virginia Judges and Lawyers Assistance Program, which has reimagined its mission, vision and program work in light of addition funding made possible through work and recommendations of the Virginia well-being community.