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February 21, 2024 1:00-2:30 PM ET

Path to Wellbeing Speaker Series
Strategies For Law Organizations to Support BIPOC Attorneys

Jacquesline Walker, LICSW, CCTP, SMC-C, Founder & CEO – The Well Firm, Clinical Psychotherapist, Lawyer Well-Being Expert

R. Javoyne Hicks, Chief of Staff, KnotFree Living LLC, IWIL Board of Directors, VP DEI

February 28, 2024

Green Justice, Black Lawyers: A Discussion Around Eco-Advocacy, Environmental Wellness, and Well-Being

In this enlightening session, we delve into the pivotal role of Black lawyers in the environmental justice movement, bridging the gap between legal advocacy and the pursuit of environmental wellness and community well-being. “Green Justice, Black Lawyers” offers a unique exploration of how these dedicated professionals are not only championing the legal battles against environmental injustices but also pioneering the integration of wellness into the environmental narrative. This session not only explores the significant contributions of Black legal professionals to combating environmental injustices but also illuminates the vital role of Black lawyers in the environmental justice sphere and the intersection of their professional advocacy with personal and community well-being

Join us for a compelling conversation and live Q&A, where we celebrate the achievements, address the challenges, and champion the well-being of Black lawyers dedicated to making a difference in the environmental justice landscape. Together, we’ll explore pathways to resilience, wellness, and effective advocacy in the pursuit of a healthier planet and equitable communities.

Wellbeing Week in Law
May 6-10 2024

2025 Conference
January 21-22-23 2025

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