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Lawyer Well-being Week

Here, we’re collecting tools to support your participation in Lawyer Well-Being Week and year-round efforts to boost health and happiness. We’re collecting worksheets, tip sheets, infographics, slides, book recommendations, videos, and more to provide information and inspiration for your well-being efforts.

We’re still building this page, so keep checking back!

Stay Strong

Physical Well-Being: Striving for regular activity, good diet and nutrition, enough sleep and recovery. Limit addictive substances and seek help for physical health when needed.

Toolkit Worksheet 16: Physical Health

Toolkit Worksheet 17: Golf Fitness

Tips: Optimize Your Brain

Sleep Hygiene Checklist

Mindfulness for Lawyers Defeating Digital Distractions

ABA CoLAP Anti-Stigma Campaign Video

Fear Not: Speaking Out To End Stigma

LAP Directory

Lawyer Assistance Programs

Hotline Directory

CoLAP Directory of Crisis Hotlines


Spiritual Well-Being: A sense of meaningfulness and purpose in work and life. Align your work and life with your values, goals, and interests.

Well-Being and Meaningful Work Article

5 Ways to Foster Meaningful Work Article

Engage & Grow

Intellectual Well-Being: Engaging in continuous learning, engaging in creative or intellectually challenging activities that foster ongoing development, monitoring cognitive wellness.

Toolkit Worksheet 9: Confidence

Toolkit Worksheet 5: Psychological Capital

Toolkit: Well-Being Book Ideas

Check out the Lawyer Well-Being YouTube Channel where we’ll be posting more great videos like this one:

Engage & Grow

Occupational Well-Being: Seeking personal satisfaction, growth, and enrichment in work. Aiming for financial stability.

Toolkit Worksheet 10: Use Your Strengths

Toolkit Worksheet 11: Introvert Strengths

The Introverted Lawyer Book

The Creative Lawyer Book


Social Well-Being: Building connection, belonging, and a reliable support network. Contributing to our groups and communities.

Enabling Lawyer Well-Being Through Diversity & Inclusion

Toolkit Worksheet 4: Acts of Kindness

Toolkit Worksheet 13: Mind Your Marriage

Feel Well

Emotional Well-Being: Valuing emotions. Developing an ability to identify and manage emotions for health, to achieve goals, and to inform decisions. Seeking help for mental health when needed.

Toolkit Worksheet 12: Public Speaking Anxiety

Toolkit Worksheet 1: Prioritizing Your Happiness

Toolkit Worksheet 2: PERMA

Toolkit Worksheet 3: Grow your Gratitude

Toolkit Worksheet 6: Reframing Stress

Toolkit Worksheet 7: Mindfulness

Toolkit Worksheet 8: Emotional Intelligence

Mindfulness Meditation Posture Guide

Mindfulness Attorney Handbook

Educating Lawyers to Meditate Article

Why Lawyers Are Unhappy Article

What Makes Lawyers Happy? Article

Lawyering with Emotional Intelligence Book

The Anxious Lawyer Book

Toolkit Worksheet 14: Manager Well-Being

Resilient Thinking I: 6 Steps to Tame Negative Emotions (Worksheet)

Resilient Thinking II: Activities to Boost Positive Emotions (Worksheet)

Build Healthy Workplaces

Striving to develop in the 12 areas that define psychologically healthy workplaces: (1) organizational culture of trust, honesty, and fairness, (2) psychological and social support, (3) clear leadership & expectations, (4) civility & respect, (5) psychological competencies, (6) growth & development, (7) fair and timely recognition & rewards, (8) involvement  & influence, (9) workload management, (10) work engagement, (11) balance between work and non-work priorities, and (12) psychological protection.  (Source: Adapted from the Tristan Jepson Memorial Foundation Best Practice Guidelines for the Legal Profession).

Take The ABA Well-Being Pledge

The ABA has launched a Pledge Campaign inviting all types of legal employers to: (a) recognize that substance use and mental health problems represent a significant challenge for the legal profession and acknowledge that more can and should be done to improve the health and well-being of lawyers; and, (b) pledge to support the Campaign and work to adopt and prioritize its seven-point framework for building a better future. Learn more about the Pledge Campaign here and download the Pledge Infographic here. Contact Theresa Gronkiewicz with any questions or to pledge your support: Theresa.Gronkiewicz@americanbar.org.

Toolkit: Definition of Healthy Workplace

Toolkit: Policies and Practices Audit Guide

Toolkit: Assessment Options

Toolkit: Education & Development Ideas

Toolkit: Online Resources & Technology

Toolkit: 8-Step Action Plan

Toolkit Worksheet 15: Positive Leadership

Toolkit Worksheet 18: Appreciative Inquiry

Building the Positive Law Firm (Thesis)

Positive Professionals Book

The Best Lawyer You Can Be Book

Lawyers as Managers Book

ABA Employee Impairment Policy Template

Tristan Jepson Healthy Workplace Guidelines for the Legal Profession