What is Lawyer Well-Being Week?

To align with Mental Health Awareness Month in May, multiple organizations dedicated to lawyer well-being are launching Lawyer Well-Being Week, which will occur May 4-8, 2020. Its aim is to raise awareness and encourage action across the profession to improve well-being for lawyers and their support teams.

How Can I Participate?

Would you like to get involved in making a positive impact during Lawyer Well-Being Week? We welcome individual volunteers. We also invite support, coordination, and participation in local activities from law firms, bar associations, and all other organizations and consultants involved in the legal profession.

Ideas For Getting Involved

1. Create resources to offer (fact sheets, tip sheets, worksheets, infographics, videos, blogs)

2. Coordinate your own local activities during the week (e.g. brown bag lunches, challenges, demonstrations, webinar-watch parties, invite speakers)

3. Help publicize the event by sharing about it on social media and emailing your network

4. Form a lawyer well-being committee now and launch it with fanfare during Lawyer well-being week

5. Offer prizes to energize participation and support well-being

6. Invite vendors of well-being technology for a lunchtime “trade show”

7. For consultants and vendors, offer free or discounted sessions or products related to well-being

More Information & Resources Coming Soon