IWIL Alert Special Feature: The Surprising Effect of Office Space on Employee Well-Being

  • Nicole DeNamur (she/her), Owner Sustainable Strategies PLLC

    Nicole DeNamur (she/her), Owner Sustainable Strategies PLLCMany factors in your office space, including lighting, acoustics, temperature, and design elements, impact not only health and wellness, but performance.  Creating office spaces where employees feel safe, included, and valued, with design strategies supporting health and wellness, might make the difference between employees choosing to return to the office or not.  Nicole DeNamur, a former construction law litigator and now leader in sustainable architecture explains in, “Your Office Space Matters More Than You Think – Here’s What You Need to Know,and provides a helpful checklist for you to review your office space.  Ms. DeNamur will speak at IWIL’s Well Being Week in Law this May.