Bonus Content: Recommended Listening

Professor Susan D. Carle and Professor Terry Davidson

Professor Susan D. Carle, American University Washington College of Law

Terry Davidson, Trone Family Eminent Scholar Chair in Neuroscience and Behavior, Department of Neuroscience, American University 

The holiday season brings an opportunity to consider the impact of diet on the brain.  Professors Susan D. Carle and Terry Davidson, a legal scholar and neuroscience researcher respectively, offer two enlightening episodes from the podcast they host,  Lobes & Robes:

  • Episode 1: “How the Western Diet Harms the Brain.”  Learn about the fascinating research on the connections between a diet high in saturated fats and sugars and deficits in learning and memory tasks and the regulation of food intake
  • Episode 7:  “Foods That Harm and Foods That Protect the Brain.” Hear from nutritional neuroscientist Dr. Kathleen Holton about how foods containing high level of glutamate can have toxic effects on the brain–effects that have been linked to the occurrence of fibromyalgia and Gulf War illness.

The Lobes & Robes podcast focuses on the intersection of policy and neuroscience, with the goal to bridge the gap between the worlds of science and policy (including culture, language, and modes of action).  The podcast is developed by American University’s (Washington DC) Center for Neuroscience and Behavior in conjunction with the School of Public Affairs and the Washington College of Law.