Path To Well Being In LawJulian Sarafian

Julian Sarafian is a lawyer and content creator. His law firm – For Creators by Creators PC – is the premiere law firm focused on representing content creators and social media influencers. As a content creator himself, Julian produces videos and blog posts related to the legal profession, law, and mental health on Tiktok, Youtube, LinkedIn, and Instagram, where his cumulative following is nearly 350,000. He has given multiple TedX talks. The Cost of Success dove into what originally made Sarafian viral – his mental health story as a high achiever who faced mental health challenges along the way, culminating in him quitting his job in Biglaw during the COVID pandemic. The second talk – How Content Creators are Being Ripped off on Social Media – shed light on the legal underbelly of the creator economy and how content creators are being taken advantage of by big-money brands and social media platforms. He has written and published op-ed pieces in The American Lawyer, Law360, Business Insider, Bloomberg Law and CNBC. His advocacy for mental health has been covered by the New York Times and Bloomberg Law.