For Organizations

Plan Your Organization’s Well-Being Week Activities

For Organizations

Updated 2023 guides and daily posts coming soon.  Meanwhile, check out the 2022 guides for inspiration

“What Went Well?” Guide

Filled with examples of what law firms did for WWIL in prior years.

Legal Employer Participation Guide 2022

Provides many recommendations for readings, videos, podcasts and activities for participating in Well-Being Week in Law.

Activity Ideas for Lawyer Assistance Programs and Bar Associations

Filled with examples of what bar associations and LAPs did for WWIL in prior years.

31-Day Mental Health Challenge-May 2022

Join a 31-day mental mental health challenge during Mental Health Awareness Month. Download this May 2022 calendar with well-being nudges for each day.

Spread Gratitude & Kindness

Organize a Gratitude & Kindness Challenge that encourages organizational members to send notes of gratitude, encouragement, and affection throughout Well-Being Week in Law.  Use IWIL’s e-card form to invite them to easily prepare and send notes.

Organize a Blood Drive

This Guide provided instructions on how to organize a blood drive at your organization to promote the link between community service/helping others and well-being. While many kinds of service projects are possible, this Activity Guide recommends an American Red Cross Blood Drive because of its relative ease in organizing and the current urgent need for blood donations.

Register Your Participation & Win Prizes

Register your participation in Well-Being Week in Law 2022 and be automatically entered for awesome well-being-boosting prizes. Download the announcement for more details.

Walk The Well-Being Talk Social Media Challenge

Post on social media about your well-being boosters and enter a drawing to win prizes.