Track 1A
Building Blocks of a Thriving, Self-Defined Professional Life
January 19, 2021
Start Time: 1:15 pm
Duration: 60 Minutes

Studies finding that many lawyers aren’t fully thriving may not surprise you. But do studies exist to guide lawyers’ efforts at creating a flourishing professional life with less depression, anxiety, and burnout—while increasing well-being, positive emotions, job satisfaction, and job performance? The answer is a definitive yes. Susan Fowler, a sought-after speaker and bestselling author, explains how lawyers can do so by applying self-determination theory—a well-established theory of flourishing. Susan Fowler is the bestselling author of Why Motivating People Doesn’t Work… and What Does which has been translated into 14 languages and more recently, Master Your Motivation. She is co-author of two bestsellers with Ken Blanchard, including Self Leadership and The One Minute Manager and Leading at a Higher Level.

Thousands of studies, including in the legal profession, have found that self-determination theory predicts optimal functioning—the thoughts, behaviors, and emotions that help us be and feel our best. For example, a large-scale study of 6,000 practices lawyers, led by FSU law professor Larry Krieger, found that self-determination theory’s building blocks for thriving meaningfully impacted lawyers’ well-being—much more significantly, notably, than income. A subsequent study by Anne Brafford of more than 200 practicing lawyers found similar effects—with strong positive links to engagement and strong negative links with turnover intentions.

Susan has shared her message in all 50 states and over 40 countries, challenging traditional and outdated approaches for creating so-called work-life balance. She provides a blueprint for designing an authentic professional life where achievement, productivity, and well-being go hand-in-hand. You won’t want to miss her practical, science-based session proving that both you and your career can thrive.


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