Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) for Lawyers: Building Calm, Clarity, Resilience, and Pleasure in Our Legal Practice
January 24, 2024
Start Time: 3:00 pm
Duration: 60 Minutes

As lawyers, the push for productivity, more clients, more billable hours, and more revenue, has taken a toll on our minds and bodies. This workshop will demonstrate a powerful tool to address this. As clients make continued demands on our expertise and time, our practices become increasingly challenging. Even when we are not working in law firms, the pressures we face in not-for-profits and the government are just as concerning because of the lack of resources. We continue to witness the negative impact on our colleagues and ourselves ranging from anxiety, physical pain, addiction, all the way to suicide. Lawyers are trained to manage all problems by only relying on intellect. It is critical to build our resilience with increased emotional and spiritual well-being. This is what allows us to experience more pleasure in our legal practice and build strong supportive communities. Increased emotional and spiritual reserves facilitates greater productivity. Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), also known as tapping, is one of the most efficient and effective tools to alleviate anxious feelings, physical discomfort, addictions, which creates emotional and spiritual well-being. It is an accessible technique that people can use at their workplaces in moments of distress or use at home to recover after a stressful day.