Journeys Unveiled: Navigating Mental Health and Advocacy for Black Women in the Legal Profession
January 24, 2024
Start Time: 11:00 am
Duration: 60 Minutes

Black women in the legal profession often face distinct challenges in their pursuit of wellbeing. This panel aims to explore a critical and often overlooked aspect of wellbeing in the legal field – the unique experiences of black women legal professionals who have lived experience with mental health challenges and who have used their experience and journey to become advocates for the profession as a whole. This topic holds immense significance as it sheds light on the intersectionality of gender, race, and disability factors that profoundly impact their journey in a profession that lacks diverse representation and voices of color in mental health.


The panel is designed to engage the audience through the following 6 strategies:  

  1. Authentic Stories: The panel consists of black female legal professionals who each have a unique and personal experience with mental health, making their narratives deeply relatable and impactful. By sharing their personal journeys, struggles, and triumphs, the panelists will create a strong emotional connection with the audience, facilitating a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by black women in the legal profession. 
  2. Thought Leadership and Expertise: With their expertise as mental health advocates and thought leaders in the legal space, the panelists bring a wealth of knowledge and practical insights. Their thought leadership on mental health inclusion and belonging (including the distinction black women face with imposter syndrome), workplace mental health, wellbeing tools and resources and self-advocacy considerations in the legal field and the profession as a whole will enrich the audience’s understanding of the subject matter and open avenues for discussion. 
  3. Intersectionality and Representation: The intersectionality of gender, race, and disability in the legal profession will be highlighted, giving voice to a perspective that has historically been underrepresented. This aspect will help the audience gain new perspectives on the challenges each woman faced on their path for connection and relatability. 
  4. Interactive Discussions: Attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions, share their experiences, and connect directly with the panelists, making the session more dynamic and engaging. 
  5. Practical Tools and Takeaways: The panel’s focus on sharing actionable and practical tools derived from the panelists’ own experiences will empower the audience. The panel will also provide tools and takeaways to become an ally for Black women in the legal profession in the realm of mental health. Attendees will leave the session equipped with valuable strategies, tools and resources to support their journey to creating a path of authentic mental wellbeing and learn how to become a powerful ally to others. 
  6. Inspirational Journeys: By showcasing the panelists’ journeys to stability and wellbeing, the panel aims to inspire other attendees who may be facing similar challenges. The stories of resilience and success will motivate the audience to embrace wellbeing as a core aspect of their professional lives. The panel will also provide articles and additional resource information for the audience to be supported and learn more about specific areas after the session.