Lawyering Is Hard, Leadership Doesn't Have to Be – 3 Tips for Engaging Leadership
January 25, 2024
Start Time: 1:45 pm
Duration: 60 Minutes

Finding success as an attorney can be challenging and often pushes attorneys to the edge of well-being sustainability.  Layering supervisory, managerial, and/or leadership responsibilities on top of their individual work can feel like an insurmountable challenge or one that requires sacrificing our time, energy, and attention.  Legal leaders at all levels want to provide their clients with the best service, to develop a thriving and sustainable practice, and to feel like they are moving their firms and legal organizations forward, not just keeping pace.  They are best able to do that when they have the confidence and the skills lead with influence, not just authority.  This presentation will discuss the importance of collaborative and compassionate leadership and will provide participants with practical skills they can put into practice right away to increase engagement, build trust, and give them the confidence to move beyond reliance on directive leadership.

This presentation will leave participants with:

  • An understanding of the added well-being impact of being in leadership/managerial positions;
  • Familiarity with the impact a leader’s/manger’s style and approach to leadership can have on employee/associate engagement; and
  • Exposure to three practical skills that can be implemented immediately to both increase employee/associate engagement and support leader/manager well-being.