Track 4
Post-Pandemic Leadership Is “Multimodal” and Supports Well-Being
Duration: 60 Minutes

This session will discuss the new paradigm for leadership and the roles professional development leaders and teams can play in supporting their firms as they seek to enhance engagement, learning and retention for the partners and associates at their firms. We will explain and discuss the set of skills partners and associates need in order to excel in the new hybrid and distributed working environment. We will review the recent research on “multimodal leadership” and best practices for supporting well-being for attorneys and professional staff. Finally, we will review best practices for a sustained focus on training, coaching, and diversity and inclusion.

This session will provide a brief summary/overview of the signs and symptoms of burnout and mental health challenges and provide some easy and accessible ways to help—from having compassionate conversations (with conversation maps) to connecting people to appropriate resources. We will then introduce the concept of psychological safety and how critical it is to effectively help those struggling within your law firms. Then we will introduce the MIT/Sloane Multimodal Leadership Model and use it as a basis for how leaders can help look out for and address those who may need help. By flexing their muscles as “conductor,” “coach,” “champion,” and “catalyst,” leaders can ensure the well-being of their teams and avoid burnout.