Smarter Collaboration: Thrive by Doing What You Do Best
January 25, 2024
Start Time: 11:00 am
Duration: 60 Minutes

Stressors like heightened internal and client expectations, economic headwinds, rapidly evolving technology, and burgeoning workloads are taking their toll, causing one in four employees globally to feel burned out. Research shows that the effect on lawyers and law firm staff is even higher.

These factors are compounded by the tension of office versus home working, which requires new, creative ways to collaborate within and between teams that are increasingly siloed and fragmented. Not only is this standing in the way of performance and innovation, but it is contributing to the experience of isolation; limited visibility of one’s true self; lack of drive; and a weaker sense of community or belonging. These repercussions can hit less tenured and under-represented groups especially hard.

In this highly interactive session, we will explore the science of how smarter collaboration—a deliberate way of collaborating that leverages diverse viewpoints and strengths—mitigates the negative health effects of today’s workplace demands and create an environment where colleagues can understand and play to their strengths, and thrive by being authentic.

Following our presentation, participants will be able to:

  • Have a solid understanding of what smarter collaboration looks like in day-to-day legal work, including how it sparks diversity and inclusion
  • Understand the short- and long-term mental health benefits of smarter collaboration in the legal sphere
  • Apply three smarter collaboration practices right away to boost their well-being and the health of others