Unleashing The Power of Purpose: Why Purpose Matters and Why You Must Have It to Thrive in Career, Business, and Life
January 23, 2024
Start Time: 3:15 pm
Duration: 60 Minutes

The Spiritual dimension of the six dimensions of life outlined in the 2017 ABA Report Path to Lawyer Well-Being may be the least concrete and most esoteric dimension to understand, at least on the surface.  Yet, if explored, pursued, and mastered, the Spiritual dimension can be the gateway to thrive in the remaining five dimensions of life as set forth in the report.  The Spiritual dimension is not about religion or faith.  It is about connecting with the sacred or something bigger than oneself by a developing sense of meaning and purpose in life; and in moments of life.  In this interactive program, participants will learn what it means to have purpose in life; how one might go about pursuing purpose; and how this hidden power can turbocharge other areas of one’s life.  When understood and cultivated properly, meaning and purpose can be our lighthouse beaming from distant shores, our anchor in rough seas, and our North Star on dark night.


At the conclusion of this presentation participants should:

  • Understand what meaning and purpose looks like in the context of the spiritual dimension of a lawyer’s life
  • Be able to implement concrete yet simple practices to discover and consistently live out their meaning and purpose in life
  • Feel empowered by knowing that purpose and meaning can serve as the North Star to living a thriving life.