Christina Loftus

Social Worker, LMSW, at Travis County Health and Human Services, Texas

As a lawyer and licensed social worker, Christina Loftus has a first-hand understanding of the stresses and demands placed on those in the legal profession, yet also has the training to provide mental health assistance and coaching to lawyers.

Christina is proud to be a volunteer for the Texas Lawyers’ Assistance Program (TLAP) and recently presented on “Neurobiology for Attorneys” for the TLAP San Antonio Wellness Group. Christina is also a Special Well-Being Tactics Team Committee member for the Institute for Well-Being in Law.

Christina’s experiences from law school and law practice included many instances of lawyers undertaking immense work while neglecting their health. These observations led her to consider how changes to existing systems and attitudes could improve attorneys’ lives. Christina went on to earn a master’s degree in social work degree from the University of Texas at Austin and certification as a Human Potential Life Coach. Christina says she finds clinical social work rewarding and enjoys connecting with clients to help them navigate crisis, mitigate the effects of stress to prevent burnout, process depression and anxiety, and recover from substance use or trauma.