Claire Parsons

Member, Adams Law, PLLC.

Claire Parsons is a member at Adams Law, PLLC. For more than 10 years, she has focused her practice in the areas of civil litigation, local government law, and school law. During this time, she has managed an active practice while focusing on writing and speaking on legal and other topics, nurturing a growing family, and a experiencing a long history of community leadership. Claire attributes her ability to balance these many functions to her meditation practice that she began years ago and has fine-tuned with careful study and meditation retreats. Over the last several years, she has been committed to promoting wellness and balance for her fellow attorneys. She has authored articles about wellness, balance, and mindfulness for lawyers as a 2018 Writer in Residence for Ms. JD, DRI’s For the Defense, MothersEsquire, and Above the Law and presented on these topics for local, state, and national organizations. Claire has obtained certifications to teach both yoga and meditation and compassion. In 2020, she founded the blog “Brilliant Legal Mind,” which offers instruction, practical tips, resources, and guided meditation to help lawyers and professionals learn how to bring mindfulness into their life and law practice. You can follow “Brilliant Legal Mind” on WordPress, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn and learn more about Claire at