Mariette Clardy-David, Esq.

Assistant Vice President, Assistant General Counsel

Mariette Lynn Clardy-Davis, is an accomplished interdisciplinary professional, with over 15 years of combined experience in legal, compliance, advocacy, Web3 and content creation.

Mariette serves as the Assistant Vice President, Assistant General Counsel at Primerica where she provides strategic guidance to support their Registered Investment Advisor and Broker-Dealer business lines.

Mariette is a passionate mental health advocate for lawyers and the founder of M.L. Clardy LLC. and the newsletter for lawyers, 👀 The Peek: 🚪A Doorway into Wellness. A mental health newsletter for lawyers written by a lawyer focused on bi-polar depression, anxiety and depression. Mariette writes from personal experience with bi-polar depression navigating over a decade of mental health challenges, she took back her life. Now she brings that wisdom and understanding to other lawyers who feel alone with their mental health struggles.

Mariette saw the lack of representation in the legal community for women of color who openly share their story of mental health, so she became the change she longed for in her own mental health journey. Mariette uses her voice and unique lens as a women of color and attorney, to empower and educate through speaking and training for law firms, non-profits, behavioral health facilities, professional associations, and corporations. She is a former mental healthcare attorney and currently serves as a board member of NAMI Central Georgia.

Finally, she is an active contributor and volunteer to Web3 & Tech focused projects, nonprofits and businesses including WIT,  Atlanta Blockchain Center, Black Women Blockchain, SheFi, Third Academy Metaverse Foundations, Bankless Consulting (Bankless DAO), and a board member of Anuu Way.


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