Martha Knudson

Executive Director of Utah State Bar’s Well-Being Committee for the Legal Profession

Martha Knudson is the executive director of the Utah State Bar’s Well-Being Committee for the Legal Profession working with Utah’s judges, lawyers, and law students to enhance engagement, performance, resilience, and overall well-being. As part of her role, she also advises researchers at the University of Utah conducting empirical research of lawyers and law students. Prior to working in the well-being field, she practiced law for almost 18 years earning her law degree in 1999, graduating magna cum laude. After passing the bar, Martha became a litigator in a private law-firm practice, where she rose to the rank of shareholder. She later became general counsel of a leading real estate management company, where she was provided legal oversight on all aspects of the company’s national operations, advised leadership, and worked with the messy reality of keeping a business and its people thriving. In 2015, Martha earned a master’s degree in applied positive psychology from the University of Pennsylvania, where she afterward served as an assistant instructor to the graduate program. She also works with private clients and regularly speaks and publishes articles on well-being in the law. Martha can be reached at or