Siria Gutierrez

CEO at Gutierrez Law, PLLC

Siria Gutierrez is a mental health advocate and attorney, helping others eager to live a life of choice and fulfillment. She’s not just a lawyer; she’s layered. She believes “lawyering is a skillset, not an identity” and is dedicated to helping heal the legal profession. Siria hosts the podcast “Lawyered with Siria,” a podcast for lawyers looking to transition to a more fulfilling practice area or out of the law, and students looking to explore the wide range of possibilities of work with a law degree. Siria also co-hosts “Pivotal Moments HQ” with Melissa Robaina, a podcast sharing, exploring, and celebrating stories of change through mindset and wellness and their impact on relationships. Siria practices personal injury in Las Vegas, Nevada. When she is not practicing law, Siria is coaching, creating content, consulting, traveling, or catching a musical with her partner, Matthew. You can see more of Siria and her content on Tiktok: notjustalawyer_siria.