Lawyer Well-being WeekWell-Being Webinars 2020

Join one of 5 well-being webinars aligned with the different well-being dimensions.  A webinar will be presented each day of Lawyer Well-Being Week by the ABA Law Practice Division. They are FREE for ABA members and, for 3 webinars, CLE credit is available for many states. Registration for the webinars is now open on the ABA website.

Stay Strong (Physical Well-Being): Healing with Breath, Mindset & Diet: The Science of Stress & Well-Being

Presented by: Lee Holcomb, JD, Judge Steven Hornsby, JD, and Cindy Pensoneau, JD

Lee Holcomb

Cindy Pensoneau

Judge Steve Hornsby

Ever wonder why sometimes you have a hard time focusing or you feel jittery at work? Or why some days you don’t perform as well as other days? Many times a contributing factor is chronic stress and burnout. Training your breath, mindset, and diet are tools to keep you in touch with your inner stress level and help you develop a balanced lifestyle.

Healing with Breath, Mindset, and Diet—the science of stress and well-being is designed to give lawyers an introduction to yoga, pranayama, and meditation techniques to help attorneys start to change the way they think and perform.


    • Use breathing techniques to reduce stress and improve focus.
    • Increase your knowledge about the science of stress so you can harness the power of stress reactivity to help your body perform.
    • Focus on overall well-being by healing your body with healthy foods and deep sleep.

May 4, 2020
Time: 1:00 pm ET

Align (Spiritual Well-Being): The Softer Side of Success

Presented by: Jamie Spannhake, JD, and Tal Fagin, JD
Jamie Spannhake

Jamie Spannhake

Tal Fagin

We all live with an overactive inner critic who beats us up, puts us down and drives us hard. Attorneys— arguably some of the most driven and achievement-oriented among us—tend to have some of the harshest inner voices around. This webinar—The Softer Side of Success—helps participants get up close and personal with their own inner voice. We take time to identify the negative things we routinely say to ourselves, then learn tools—simple, effective, actionable tools—to help participants transform this debilitating, self-sabotaging force into an advantage. Participants will learn techniques to remain calm and composed under pressure, to stop holding themselves back (whether professionally or personally); to ease stress, increase joy, to speak up when one might remain silent and how to approach their lives—including the most challenging aspects—with more strength, ease, enthusiasm and confidence. The program is appropriate for attorneys at any level.


    • Use the Body Compass to alleviate stress by noticing signals of insecurity in the physical body and learning how to work with these physical sensations.
    • Learn how to recognize and transform the voice of your inner critic’s “negativity playlist.”
    • Learn how to use tools like meditation, gratitude, savoring, self-compassion, and mind-body awareness to minimize stress and increase well-being.
    • Learn how to adopt a more generous attitude toward yourself to improve energy and productivity.

May 5, 2020
Time: 1:00 pm ET

Engage & Grow (Occupational Well-Being): Best Lawyer You Can Be: Practices for Well-Being & Excellence

Presented by: Stewart Levine, JD, Dr. Shelley Canter, Cheryl Conner, JD, MAE, Prof. Larry Kreiger, JD, and Dr. Eva Selhub, MD

Stewart Levine

Stewart Levine

Larry Krieger

Eva Selhub

Shelly Canter

Cheryl Conner

There are many critical aspects of a career that contribute to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. This program will share some critical tools and expertise for being the best you can. It is based on the 2018 ABA book “The Best Lawyer You Can Be.” The chapter author experts presenting will include: Professor Larry Krieger sharing his groundbreaking empirical research finding that happy lawyers have a relational orientation and operate with autonomy; Dr. Eva Selhub will speak about how to use tension in a positive way before it becomes stress; Dr. Shelly Canter will speak about how to intentionally design a satisfying career. Cheryl Conner. will speak about lawyers’ call to serve as stewards to our democracy’s principles and values; and Stewart Levine, Esq. will speak to the importance of following your heart.


    • Achieving conscious career design.
    • Managing stress well.
    • Keys to happiness in law practice.
    • Well-being and the lawyers’ oath.

May 6, 2020
Time: 1:00 pm ET

Connect (Social Well-Being): Curb The Interrogation: How to Avoid Arguing Ourselves Out of Relationships

Presented by:  Chris Osborn, JD, Michael Kahn, JD, MED Counseling, Andrea Cochran, PhD, and Wendy Osborn

Chris Osborn

Chris Osborn

Michael Kahn

Andrea Cochran

Wendy Osborn

Do you find yourself readily applying your legal training or courtroom skills when having a disagreement with a loved one or close relative? In the course of a heated argument, has a significant other ever told you to “stop the cross-examination”? Or do you ever just wonder if practicing law and staying in a long-term relationship just may be incompatible goals? This program explores just a few of the tricky ways that “thinking like a lawyer” might be unhelpful–or even counterproductive–in some of our closest relationships. Join our multi-disciplinary roundtable of relationship experts (including mental health professionals and at least one long-suffering non-lawyer spouse!) for a lively discussion centered around thought-provoking film clips depicting these challenges.


    • Identify and address the challenges that practicing law can present for maintaining a long-term romantic or other familial relationship
    • Avoid becoming excessively defensive when confronted by a partner or family member over a disappointment or frustration
    • Use non-threatening and less argumentative means of communicating desires, frustrations, and disagreements
    • Find ways to invest in and cultivate relationships to infuse them with more compassion, joy, and understanding
    • Navigate the challenges of law practice with healthier boundaries, respectful communication, and greater dignity for all involved

May 7, 2020
Time: 1:00 pm ET

Feel Well (Emotional Well-Being): The Connection Between Your Emotional Health & Legal Success

Presented by: Kate Casey, JD, LPC, and Holly McFarland, JD, LCSW

Kate Casey

Holly McFarland

Your emotional well-being is a critical factor contributing to a successful legal career. This informative and insightful webinar will allow you to listen to a candid conversation between two attorneys, who are also practicing therapists, as they discuss common emotional health pitfalls encountered by attorneys in the practice of law. You will learn about boundaries and how they affect your daily life and long term success and come to an understanding of the importance and necessity of resiliency and how it can be achieved in order to enjoy a satisfying legal career.


    • Explore the interplay between emotional health and the ethical
      practice of law.
    • Define boundaries and understand how they influence daily life
      expectations and decisions.
    • Learn to develop resiliency to practice law ethically and
      enjoy career satisfaction.

May 8, 2020
Time: 1:00 pm ET