Track 3
Building Inclusive and Responsive Wellness Programs at Law Schools
January 21, 2022
Start Time: 11:00 am
Duration: 60 Minutes

Law schools have a lot to do to make their learning environments more inclusive, responsive, and more humane as we train the next generation of legal professionals. This session will provide a space to explore what some schools are doing and to brainstorm more things we could be doing to support our students, our faculty, and our staff. It will be an opportunity to share ideas and concrete tools/tips about programs schools are doing and could be doing to support their students as they begin to form their professional identities – keeping in mind that wellness is a critical component to their identities.

Learning Objectives

  • Think about their law school experience – what supported them, what did not, and what they want to change in their law school settings going forward.
  • Analyze what they are currently doing and think about how they could be doing things in a more mindful and compassionate and supportive way.
  • Create sessions, programs and more to support law students as they make their way into and through law school.