Track 1B
How To Master Work-Life Balance in an Imbalanced Culture: Strategies for Lawyers
January 20, 2022
Start Time: 11:00 am
Duration: 60 Minutes

For lawyers, work-life balance always has been a challenge, but remote work during the pandemic has created even more obstacles for managing work/nonwork boundaries. Have the borders on your “regular” workday become undetectable? Have you been missing important family events to maintain your reputation as a hard-working overachiever? Are you regularly skimping on sleep and skipping healthy meals and exercise to squeeze more into your day? You’re not alone. Countless lawyers struggle to maintain good health and functioning while feeling fully engaged in and satisfied with their contributions to their work, families, and selves. But through proper time management, focus, and mindfulness about your own values and goals, you can create better balance. And a more balanced life leads to greater well-being, satisfaction, and productivity—which is a win-win for everyone.

This one-hour virtual workshop will teach several practical applications of work-life balance and how to leverage it to improve your well-being, family relationships, and work. You’ll rediscover through hands-on exercises what’s important in life and how to take a few steps toward aligning your daily behaviors with your priorities in life.


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