Nominations for the Inaugural “Reed Smith Award for Excellence in Well-Being in Law” are now closed.


Congratulations to our 2022 Reed Smith Award Nominees!

The winner of this inaugural award will be announced during the IWIL Conference Opening Remarks on January 19, 2022.


Katherine Adamenko

Shakeman Appleton

Professor R. Lisle Baker

Hilarie Bass

Dan Bowling

Christine Bilbrey

Professor Heidi Brown

Jeffrey Bunn

Jean Burdorf

Ben Carpenter

David Chametzky

Nyssa Chopra

Judi Cohen

Shayna Cook

Libby Coreno

Diane Costigan

James Coyle

Gayle Damiano

Debbie Epstein Henry

Mike Ethridge

Professor Shailini Jandial George

John Gunn

Michele Ifill

Terry Harrell

Professor Lawrence Krieger

Rudhir Krishtel

Manel Atserias Luque

Dan Lukasik

Professor Rhonda Magee

Laura Mahr

Amrita Mallik

John McShane

Joseph Milowic III

Samantha Panny

Darleene Peters

Jayne Reardon

Candice Reed

Sara Rief

Denise Robinson

Scott Rodgers

Katheryn Rule

Ian Shea

Steven Wall



Note: Reed Smith was the first major donor to step forward in support of the newly formed Institute and are honored with this designation for their significant contribution.

IWIL Mission Statement

IWIL is dedicated to the betterment of the legal profession by focusing on a holistic approach to well-being. Through advocacy, research, education, technical and resource support, and stakeholders’ partnerships, it is driven to lead a culture shift in law to establish health and well-being as core centerpieces of professional success.