The Psychology of Agency: Implications for Lawyers

Building Blocks of a Thriving, Self-Defined Professional Life

Supercharge Your Productivity, Sanity, and Health With an 8-Minute Morning Routine

Evening Routine: Daily Strategies to Unwind, Unplug, and Rejuvenate

Spirituality in the Law: What It Is and How to Ignite It in Ourselves and Others

Vicarious Trauma: When Another’s Pain Becomes Our Own—Practical Solutions for Self-Care

Finding Joy in Modern-Day Law Practice

The Heart of Law Practice: How Attorneys Can Cultivate Compassion to Help Themselves and More Effectively and Ethically Serve Clients

Making Partner—With Your Nervous System: A Lawyer’s Manual of Stress-Busting Strategies to Beat Burnout and Protect Mental and Physical Health

The Impact of COVID and “Return to Hybrid” for Marginalized Attorneys

Building Your Village: A Case Study of Collaboration and Infrastructure to Build Engagement in Your Firm’s Well-Being Program

What’s Contributing to Lawyer Burnout & What Can We Do About It?: Report & Recommendations from IWIL’s Burnout Study

Well-Being Working Session: Tackling The Tough Issues

Like Fluoride in the Drinking Water: Integrating Well-Being Throughout a Legal Environment

Maintaining Mental Well-Being in Law Students: Using Orientation and Annual Check-Ins as a Law Student’s Well-Being GPS

Making the Shift to Mutual Care: How One School Is Empowering Student Personal and Professional Well-Being Through Institutional Investment in Mutual Care

Building Inclusive and Responsive Wellness Programs at Law Schools

Post-Pandemic Leadership Is “Multimodal” and Supports Well-Being

More sessions will be announced soon!