Track 2
Well-Being Working Session: Tackling The Tough Issues
January 20, 2022
Start Time: 2:45 pm
Duration: 120 Minutes

We asked a group of law firm well-being directors, “What are the tough issues in law firm well-being? What are the persistent, systematic challenges to lawyer well-being? How do we tackle them, and what incremental steps can be taken to start to have an impact?”

This rotational session will give you the opportunity to join three different, 30- minute sessions, covering topics such as empathetic leadership, boundary setting, developing associates in a hybrid environment, thriving in a multigenerational law firm, and psychological capital.

You will hear from well-being experts, attorneys-turned-educators, authors, and researchers who are developing practical solutions to improve well-being. Learn new strategies as well as lessons from their successes and failures. Join us for interactive discussions and keep a pen and notepaper handy!