IWIL Catalyst – November 2023

  • Impermanence
    Lindsey Frischer (she/they), lawyer, diversion & restorative justice coordinator and somatic coach



As we move from fall to winter, it’s natural to feel the tug of discomfort with the changing of the seasons. In Impermanence, Lindsey Frischer shares a meditation on impermanence and offers a guide on cultivating somatic awareness to help carry us through changes in season and circumstance. You can read the article here, or listen to the author read it here.

Lindsey Frischer (she/they) is a lawyer and somatic coach focused on the application of transformational, restorative practices to help create a more caring, equitable, and just legal system. Lindsey is the Director of Diversion and Restorative Justice at the 6th Judicial District Attorney’s Office, based in Durango Colorado, serving to support alternative pathways to healing, accountability, and justice within our criminal legal system. Lindsey runs her own coaching and consulting practice, offering somatic coaching for lawyers and change agents. She partners with Murmur Collaborative to introduce somatics to legal professionals across sectors to help prioritize a more resourced and embodied advocacy.